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Guided Fly Fishing Trips To Catalina Island

This yellowtail was caught by Bill Calhoun fly fishing the front side of Catalina Island 

Michael Long used a 6wt xi3 to nail this bonito on his first ever saltwater fly fishing trip.        

Bill Calhoun hauls this calico out of the kelp stringers at Catalina 

    Bill with another big calico bass caught fly fishing the front side of Catalina

Montana guide Mike Mansfield with a bontito

Keith and Jason with doubles at Catalina

Jason's first bonito on the fly
Learn first hand why Catalina Island is one of the hottest fly fishing destinations on the west coast. If you're looking for trophy size game fish, this is where you'll find them.  Catalina is home to yellow tail, white sea bass, halibut and big calico bass. Also breezing around the Island are aggressive bonito and barracuda.

The surroundings at Catalina include scenic beaches, dramatic coastal cliffs and immense kelp forests that meet deep blue turquoise water. Witness the sunning seals, breaching dolphins, diving seabirds and whales that make up the local wildlife. 

Teresa Adams with a hefty calico bass caught during her first trip to Catalina Island.  


Gary Neal takes advantage of the hot bonito bite at Catalina Island

Keith Munemitsu with a trophy size calico

Keith Munemitsu with a bonito caught while fly fishing

Catalina with a 6wt. Ouch!!

Brian and Teresa Adams with doubles on their anniversary


 Wow! Brian with an elusive opal eye perch caught on a clouser.

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