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California Saltwater Fly Fishing Along the Coast

Kyung Kim with a coastal calico caught ten minutes outside Newport Harbor

Kesley Gallagher with a nice spotted bay bass from Los Alamitos Harbor

Keith Munimitsu with a halibut caught while fly fiishing the coast in Long Beach  

Bill caught this quality calico while fishing an evening bite in Long Beach. Evening charters can be very productive year round.

Calhoun's Coastal Fly Fishing
Newport Beach, CA
(714) 322-2201


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Fly fish for California saltwater species along the coast

Test your skills at boiler rock fly fishing for calico bass. Cast large custom streamers into churning whitewater that surrounds the shallow rocky outcroppings and kelp beds that pepper the California coastline.

Tempt fish that use submerged reefs, wrecks, kelp forests and pipelines as cover to ambush their prey. These fish include halibut, bonito, barracuda, sand bass, calico bass, and the occasional white sea bass or yellow tail.

Bill Calhoun with a calico bass caught two minutes from 
Newport Harbor

 Boiler rocks provide excellent near shore opportunities for fly fishing.

John Sherman with a barracuda caught while fly fiishing near Dana Point

Randy Williams with a quality calico caught off the coast of Long Beach

Cris Meyer from Wisconsin experiencing a good bass bite on an evening trip in March. 

We fished until 11:30pm. This is a great option in the winter or when business gets in the way during the day.

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